There's MORE THAN ONE WAY to be 
Latter-day Saint woman who: 
Embrace YOUR Journey on the Covenant Path

Hi, I’m Darla. 

Welcome to Spiritually Minded Women! 

When I was a kid, I thought I would grow up and then magically skip my way down the covenant path to my heavenly home.

Well, it didn’t take me long to figure out that my childhood dream was NOT reality.

I grew up hearing there was only one way back to our heavenly home. But if there was only one way, why didn’t everyone have the same experiences? Why didn’t our journeys all look the same?

I'm diving in deep on the Spiritually Minded Women podcast to answer these questions and more.

Embrace YOUR journey on the covenant path.
I'm cheering you on!

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Listen to the Spiritually Minded Women podcast to hear insights about how to embrace YOUR journey on the covenant path with CHECKPOINTS instead of CHECKLISTS.
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Do more than just listen to a podcast and think, “That was nice.” ACT on what you learn. Use the devotionals to help you APPLY what you’re learning on the podcast to your own life.

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How many times have you heard something really great on a podcast that you wanted to implement but then never did?

I want you to do more than hear. I want you to EMBRACE your journey on the covenant path and in order to do that, you have to ACT.

That's why I created a devotional for each episode with pages to help you APPLY what you hear.

You can also be part of the Spiritually Minded Women Community on Marco Polo channels.

I hope the combination of listening to the podcast AND working through the devotional AND being part of the community will help you to move forward with confidence in YOUR JOURNEY on the covenant path!

Yes, there's only one way back to our Heavenly Parents. It's called the COVENANT PATH.

BUT you have your own journey on that path and it doesn't look like someone else's journey.
Why? Because YOU ARE UNIQUE and God is a PERSONAL God.

You can let go of the checklists and embrace YOUR OWN JOURNEY on the path.

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Stop worrying what other people think. Look up! Move forward in the journey God created for YOU!!! 
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